May 10, 2008

Bargains4Seniors Review: Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrating Brothers and Sisters

Description: Soft cover book that focuses on the positive strengths of being a sibling, having a sibling. Many feel good stories, stories to strengthen the soul, stories that bring a tear to your eye, while you're smiling. The depth of character in the stories I read was truly unfathomable. Trials, sibling rivalry, unselfish sacrifice, and love expressed in all its wonderful ways. It's all in this book.

Pros and Cons: The book took me back to my own childhood and my one and only big sister. The memories came back so clearly, after reading this book, it's as if my memory bank was shouting "Me too! I have stories too!" To read about a brother's love for his sister, when I have no brother, was enlightening and heartwarming.

The only bad thing I found about this book was that it was too short. I gobbled it up! Oh, and the fact that I missed my bus because I couldn't put the book down!
A great read!

Recommendation: I would definitely recommend this uplifting book to friends and family. It's just a great feel good book. Touches us where we all live.

Rating (out of five): Five out of Five for sure!

Reviewed by Bargains4Seniors reader, Catherine in Toronto