August 25, 2008

Who's a senior? It's a question for the ages

'Who is a senior?" My daughter e-mails this question and I read the words and think, "I don't know." Who is a senior? Not Kate. She's in college. And not Ellie. She's a freshman. Is this a trick? A test? Why is she asking me about seniors?

A while later - it's always a while later - it occurs to me that maybe my daughter is asking who is a senior, as in who, according to AARP, is over 50 (although movie theaters, department stores, and a zillion other places have varying senior ages). Maybe she's asking this question not to trick me and not because she's in search of a baby-sitter but because her friend, April, is starring in "She Loves Me" next week and I'd mentioned that I needed three tickets for Saturday night.

So I e-mail her again. "Do you mean 'senior' as in high school or senior as in discounted tickets?"

Sure enough, when I check back online, there's her e-mail, which says, "Tickets."

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